Tuesday, October 2, 2012

There are many people in this world that can make us feel invisible.
 But there is always at least one person who makes us feel invincible.
Empty hallways. Well, they may as well be.
Not a glance is thrown either way.
Slowly moulding into the walls and pathways of a dull colourless world.
No sunshine. 
Only dark, unforgiving clouds that hang over the earth like a grudge.
I feel invisible.
No smiles, no happy gestures.
Ignorance. And sorrow. 
Furrowed eyebrows and lips twisted into permanent frowns. 
Same lifeless, soul-sucking grey.

A voice.  Mellifluous, soft.  Like a bird's song in spring.
A simple hug, a peck on the cheek.
Slate coloured eyes burst to deep cerulean, colour spreading like wildfire.
Greens, yellows, blues hitting the atmosphere like paint splatters on a blank canvas.
A smile, bright eyes make the world alive again as happiness floods the once dry rivers.
A hand is taken in anothers as a journey from a dark room is taken for the last time.  I feel invincible.

Age 16 TY